Homage to Pilar Rahola

There are more leftists than Conservatives might imagine who are astonished and horrified by the mainstream liberal-left’s indulgence of inquisitorial and anti-Enlightenment movements. Not many though are in prominent positions. Most keep their heads down for fear of being accused of “Zionism,” “Islamophobia,” “warmongering” or any of the other insults designed to stop people thinking and acting morally.
I was therefore delighted to be introduced to the writings of the Catalan politician Pilar Rahola.

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8 thoughts on “Homage to Pilar Rahola

  1. There was that saying “there’s no great causes left”.
    Did they think nothing would ever happen thence;
    it was all solved for good?
    Largely, the protest that features in the news comes from the other side these days. Not all, but groups like the EDL, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc can regularly be seen; whereas what the things Pilar Rahola makes clear about, they don’t seem to be touched upon, marched on, argued for, positions reinforced, nearly enough.
    I was too young in the seventies and eighties to know anything, and it is probably a lot of selective footage, perhaps repeated footage at that, which I see now – it looks like then people were prepared to go out, to say and do something; but why then, why not now?

  2. Well, my own question can be answered in What’s Left? I’ve just been reading some of it.
    I’m going to have to buy the second edition because I’m not like Oscar Wilde with his thumb prints of jam on the pages of books he liked, my OCD won’t allow that. But one kept for good means I can spill my tea on the other.

  3. As an Israeli (born in America) and a leftist who has a lot of criticism of the Israeli government, at first I didn’t believe what I was hearing about biased reporting on the BBC etc but then I started reading things on the Internet and hearing from friends in Europe. After the Mavi Marmara incident I cant believe the reaction, the prejudice etc. There are a few brave folks like Nick Cohen and Pilar Rahola
    out there telling it like it is. The increasing attempts to deligitimize
    Israel and deny its right to exist (even
    within the 1967 borders) are disturbing
    at a time when we face Hamas, Hizballah and Iran. Keep up the good
    work – Nick

  4. Dear Pilar,
    I want to praise your brave activity in favour of The State of Israel.Unfortunately now-a-days the majority of the world is against us (countries, politicians, institutions etc.) from wrong, hippocrete, “politically Correct” reasons.
    Many of these countries have the lowest level of Human Rights & Democracy.
    The most dangerous regime is the Iranian.They develop Nuclear weapon not for peace purposes but to destroy Israel.These Fanatics say so unshamefully. And you Pilar are one of the few in the world who reacts against it.
    Thank you for being so brave & so right in supporting Israel.

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