Melanie and Me

In an interview to promote her new book, Melanie Phillips is asked a tough question. Why, if as she maintains, leftish secularism and athiesm, have weakened the West by promoting moral relativism, are people such myself, Christopher Hitchens and Oliver Kamm at the forefront of arguing against the appeasement off radical Islam.

Christopher and Oliver can speak for themselves – no, really, they can. In my case, Melanie says that I do not fully understand the conflicts of our time because I am obsessed with “the right,” and see the fact that Western liberals and leftists are allying with or making excuses for “the far right” of Islamist clerical reaction as a great betrayal of their principles

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3 thoughts on “Melanie and Me

  1. I would guess (hope?) that you oppose radical Islam because you are a sensible sort with a moral compass, not just because you oppose all religions and radical Islam happens to be one of them. The Hitch, I’m not so sure.

  2. She clearly cannot grasp that so many of those who come to this country do so to get away from a religious barbarism that plagues their own countries; in much the same way that ethnic minority females in this country are not entirely happy to have Western liberals tell then that the enforced wearing of the burka or forced marriage are “ok” in their new homeland, because it “forms a part of a different cultural tradition etc.”.

    She might have a better argument against moral relativism if the biblical morality she was advocating had the ability to build a better society than secularism. History tells us otherwise. Her argument might also hold more weight if Christianity itself did not consist of an, albeit tamer, version of what the leading Al Qaeda thinkers are themselves advocating. That’s not by any means to equate figures such as Melanie Phillips with Al Qaeda, rather obviously; however, I suspect a fully Christianised West would be a lot closer to what the Islamists dream of than a strong secularised one.

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