Now, at last, we may get over our sycophancy to power

From the Observer.
For Conservatives accustomed to complaining about the BBC, last Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show was a comfort and a revelation. “We can watch the body language,” an admiring Marr told David Cameron in a voice halfway between a purr and a coo. “We can all see you’re on a roll, aren’t you?”

Standing up manfully to the ferocious questioning, Cameron replied that he had the “momentum now to go into these last few days”, even if he did say so himself. “If you want a new prime minister, a new team, a new government on Friday,” he declared, “then vote Conservative on Thursday and we can make the changes the country needs.”

“That was the right message to end on,” cried Marr as he closed the show.

“Thank you,” said a suitably grateful Cameron.

The old and new establishments were smiling at each other. Their instincts told them that the polls were wrong and the Tories would win. As it turned out, Cameron wasn’t on a roll, or not on enough of a roll to give him an overall majority and the vast powers of intimidation and patronage the uncontested control of Britain’s elective dictatorship would have offered him.
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5 thoughts on “Now, at last, we may get over our sycophancy to power

  1. I was wrong about the outcome of the election and, really, I shouldn’t have been so stupid in calling it.
    To look at the party in a more wider consideration seemed hardly worthwhile, given Gordon Brown’s insistence he would remain for a further parliament. I lacked a sensible point.

    I think it is worth congratulating Caroline Lucas for breaking through. It is unfortunate that Dr Evan Harris no longer has his seat, and the same goes for someone else but I’ve forgotten their name.

    I am not looking forward to the reverberating triumphalism as the horns resound for the start of the hunting season.

  2. Gordon Brown meets the Queen.

    Gordon left the queen saying how she was such a lovely woman, saying how she came from a lovely family, that she has a lovely family, that sort of thing. There was plenty of smiling and hand covering too, and he wished her grandchildren well as he finally left her; both were in high spirits.

    But in the car…

    Gordon asked me: ” Who’s idea was it to put me with that woman? It was just ridiculous. Ridiculous.”
    I didn’t see, I said.
    “It was Peter, I think,” he grunted.
    What did she say? I inquired.
    “Oh everything, he said, she was just some sort of bigoted woman…”

    The End.

  3. New labour folds with Tony Blair happily living at the end of the rainbow, and with Gordon Brown perhaps to be reflected upon as our strangest prime minister in modern times. What next?
    Opposition could be a good chance for labour to re-understand itself. David Miliband is to go round the country asking people why they didn’t vote labour. People did, and it has the ring of leadership pap, this journey. Constructive arguments should be the signal to the political that they are going to rise up. Why does no one write pamphlets anymore? Why doesn’t he do that? I’d suggest whoever becomes leader to ease back on the media fluff hanging round the two boys and break their policies instead.

  4. Every time I put on the news it’s like bloody watching Brideshead Revisited.

  5. Hi, I just read your book ‘What’s Left’. It was absolutely brilliant! Coming from Sweden where the ruling leftist class has the same diagnosis as you vividly wrote about in the book (just times ten in our case) I could certainly connect to your arguments.

    The shame, of course, is that we don’t have any dissent at all in our ranks. They’re all the same. Either way, thanks for the book. I hope it will get translated, we need it.

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