Don’t Walk Away, Nick

Liberal Democrats are facing an awful choice today, and the temptation to duck it will be enormous. Joining with the Tories will be a huge wrench. Commentators emphasise the arguments about constitutional reform, but arguments about Europe matter as much, so too do the cultural splits within the British elite. Clegg and Cameron may look identical to outsiders: rich men from public schools, the differences between them as tiny as the differences between Westminster and Eton. Yet Liberals instinctively accept the cultural changes of the late 20th century while Tories, even Tories like Cameron, are uneasy with them.
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4 thoughts on “Don’t Walk Away, Nick

  1. So. The Condems are in power. (The pope won’t be very happy!).

    Will he who wields the banana ever wear the crown?
    Well, we’ll see.

    I was laughing this morning as I saw the weird way politicians plant their hand about the other man as they go through a door. What a clear example by Cameron and Clegg!
    It’s all to do with the power-play, of course. There are questions about the coalition as there would be questions if there wasn’t one. And the most obvious one – how long will it last? – need not be mentioned here. It won’t do, blatantly, for someone to be like how that shit head Malcolm Rifkind was. No, they seem keen on making it work. But politicians will be positioning themselves as ever, and I wonder if, for the time being, Machiavelli has been swapped for the more subtler undermining illustrated by Stephen Potter?

  2. If anyone is interested in the semiotics of this coalition, then look no further than Nick Clegg’s house number. No need to guess, it’s number 2.
    He’s in a two-party government and he’s Cameron’s number 2.
    He might be telling his wife they should have bought number 1 when they had the chance.

  3. Gordon Brown was on fine form (sic) when he resurfaced last week to introduce himself to the staff and pupils of the Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.

    It’s an interesting read. Here’s what he said,

    “I was actually thinking of coming in today and applying for the course in communication skills, then I thought I might do public relations, then maybe media management, drama and performance. But the real reason I came is to apply for the janitor’s job here.”

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