Labour’s Passion Spent

Labour’s press conference this morning was hosted by Douglas Alexander, who is more impressive in the flesh than on television, and Ed Balls, who in middle-age looks ever more jowly and liverish, like Wackford Squeers after a hard day’s flogging. I asked an obvious question: Why shouldn’t centre-left voters support Clegg rather than Brown?
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3 thoughts on “Labour’s Passion Spent

  1. Come ON, Clegg – are you going to make it Libour?

    And God knows why Prince Philip of Bigot’s windsor garden party pal Paxman didn’t correct Ed ‘ballast’ Balls* for saying: ” In my constituency, we need more not less teachers”…
    Then remind him he is getting paid to be Secretary of State for Education.

    *ballast – noun: A heavy, fetid thing used by Gordon Brown over the years to keep the labour party unstable.


    When asked, very recently, some of the present cabinet and also some of the shadowy cabinet were quite willing to tell you their truths surrounding this question. (Names have been altered, though).

    Lord Cough cough: “Yes, but it was just the once.
    And it was at a time when everyone seemed to be doing it.”

    Lady Hiccup: “No, but I get called it all the time!
    It’s my fault (giggle) I took my husband’s name when we married. Do you know we’re known as the Bigots. It’s naughty, isn’t it?”

    Mr Burp: “I prefer not to say. I am a public figure now, if you like, but I wasn’t always. It’s something private to me. So you understand, don’t you?”

    S-o-State: “Yes, but not to her face. She’s my wife. Shouldn’t say any more.”

    Lord Bye bye: “I did, one time, only once.
    And…I…didn’t exhale…when I did do it. So I guess it doesn’t quite count; does it?”

    Interviewer: “We better ask Gordon Brown, just in case”

  3. The Dickheadsian Wackford Squeers is going to stand for the labour leadership.
    To see him lose will cure all ills.

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