The Fury of the Populist Right

It says much about the tastes of Conservative politicians that, at the suggestion of Oliver Letwin, they have taken to comparing the struggle for power in Britain to the fight for control of Middle Earth. Rather than mock their addiction to sword-and-sorcery epics, I will gently remind them that in the final battle of the Lord of the Rings the Dark Lord Sauron realises that he has been looking the wrong way. Hobbits so small he has failed to notice them are preparing to drop the ring of power into Mount Doom. Sauron’s giant red eye swings towards the new danger as “the magnitude of his own folly was revealed to him in a blinding flash and all the devices of his enemies were at last laid bare. Then his wrath blazed in consuming flame, but his fear rose like a vast black smoke to choke him. For he knew his deadly peril”.

Last week, Tory England turned its blazing eyes on the once insignificant Liberal Democrats. Outrage thundered from the pages of its newspapers, as if their editors had not realised until the moment of mortal danger that Nick Clegg existed.

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8 thoughts on “The Fury of the Populist Right

  1. I am still of the mind that Cameron is simply too much like a Blairite Labour for the public to take him up. Those who don’t detest Tories for their destructive role in the Meg Thug years will be disgusted at the thought of the prosecution of Blairism by other means; so Cameron loses twice over. The sudden popularity of Nick Clegg strikes me as something like despair – “anyone, my God – just anyone except those two!”

  2. “Left wingers who condemn the “Tory press” make many mistakes. Since Margaret Thatcher resigned, allegedly “Tory” papers have not on the whole supported the Tory party. Their treatment of John Major’s government was so vicious it helped make the Conservatives unelectable for a generation. “
    That was because Major wasn’t right wing eno0ugh and their mind he had betrayed their heroine.
    “After Blair’s victory in 1997, the Sun backed Labour as we have seen and for years the editors of the Mail and Telegraph were more sympathetic to Brown than Cameron.”
    Now we are pushing the truth a little. True the Sun backed Blair in elections, mainly because of his neo conservative views. Most of the editorials were still right of centre. Many of their columnists were anti Labour aka Littlejohn and Kavannah

    “At their behest, Tony Blair was tougher on crime than any prime minister since the abolition of the death penalty and Gordon Brown – thankfully – kept Britain out of the euro.”
    Now we get the real Mr Cohen, the standpoint not the Observer journalist.

    “Nor is their journalism always wrong. Liberals who complained that last week’s assault on Clegg was “propaganda” played the old trick of confusing the motives of writers with the accuracy of their reporting. Just because a story is in the Telegraph does not mean it is not true and Clegg did indeed work for a ruthless lobbying firm that defended Fred the Shred’s Royal Bank of Scotland and a logging company accused of hacking down the rainforests. And with the possible exception of the BNP, the Lib Dems are indeed the most unscrupulous campaigners in politics, the only party to my knowledge that has taken stolen money from criminals and then refused to return it to its rightful owners.”
    On this we agree, although your Tories can say some pretty repugnant race lines.

    “Yet the undoubted successes of British populism never satisfied its adherents. Read their papers or books such as The Rise of Political Lying or The Abolition of Britain and you see Conservatives on the verge of a nervous breakdown describe a country in which a corrupt Labour elite lies to the public, sells out the national interest and brainwashes a subject population.”
    You have of course not been part of that conspiracy

    That Nick Clegg, the leader of a pro-European party that favours penal reform and amnesties for illegal immigrants has been the beneficiary is not as surprising as it seems. If the system is corrupt, and the expenses scandal provides a case that it is, why not turn to the party that has benefited the least from the ancien regime? If the elite refuses to heed the voice of the people, why not vote for the one party committed to radical constitutional reform?
    Actually the system is not that corrupt compared to many systems. Compare a duck house to been paid off by the Mafia. Also the labour party is not , thank go, considering penal reform, constitutional reform and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Although I have read articles hinting that Labour has created a society that allows immigration and that we have a broken britain. All very Daily Mail. So as long as you and your ilk keep bleating on about these, it will be difficult for any type of reform from any government.

  3. Nick, why do you use the TinyURL service for links from your own website? Your users don’t generally see the actual links, so they don’t bother us, but by using TinyURL you’re making it harder for search engines to find your material and you run the risk that TinyURL could shut down and your web pages would be broken. It’s happened before.

  4. “I am not going to be so stupid as to try to call this election”

    We’re not waiting for the Etonians any more?

    (I’m as surprised by the Lib Dem surge as the next person.)

  5. Soon to be retitled “Still Waiting for the Etonians”
    or maybe
    “Where Are Those Bloody Etonians, They Said They Would Be Here Hours Ago”

  6. Y’ know what the Notting Hill set are like – they’ll be just wanting to turn up fashionably late.

  7. Nick Cohen, hold the front cover!

    Put a speech bubble coming from the skull’s mouth saying: And The Lib Dems

    There you go.

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