Is the Party Really Over for Labour?

Interview with Andrew Rawnsley in Standpoint here

10 thoughts on “Is the Party Really Over for Labour?

  1. Dear Sir.
    Can I ask a few questions.
    1. Who are you going to vote for ?
    2. Do you believe it was correct for government in the late 1990′ to invest in public services. If yes what money should they haved used. Or do you support the idea that New Deal economics and public service investment is a form of liberal fascism
    3. Who deregulated banking in the eighties, who removed all credit controls. Did you support that move ?
    4. Reading your articles in the nineties you didn’t like labour then, in the noughties you certainly didn’t. So why not affiliate your self with Tories.
    5. How do you differentiate yourself from neo thatcherite Tories such as Johnson and Gove.
    I doubt you will answer these questions but I am interested. Note I have not attacked you personally.

  2. Would it be possible to ask a few follow up questions.
    1. Do you think the NHS should be privatised.
    2. Do you think all welfare payments be stopped.
    3. What is your view about the fact that all news papers in this country, including the Observer are right wing. Only one supports the Labour party. Is this not a political imbalance.
    4. What is you view on the Indy and Murdoch row.

  3. Dear sir
    I cannot quite understand your pathological hatred for Brown.

    Brown is far from perfect but he has tried to restore public services, tackle child poverty, and reduce global poverty. Surely these are the aims of a social democrat. Ass for cosying up with bankers, he had to have relationship with banks and business, he would be fool not to. Also he did not remove the regulations on banks and credit. Your Maggie did that in the eighties.

    The current economic crisis did it not start in the US with problems with the Lehman brothers and mortgage companies.

    He was part of the Labour government that has intervened liberally in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq. He constantly criticised the Mullahs, unlike your Tories who armed them and trained them in the eighties, also had many deals with the Saudis and Malaysia (corrupt Muslim regimes). Also he made one of the pro Israel speeches in the last 40 years and criticised Amnesty over the Gita affair

    Also his actions have been acknowledged as one of the reasons that we survived the global crisis

    Personally I will vote for Brown purely for negative reasons.
    Anyone who is disliked by neo thatcherites like Delingpole and Johnson, by yourself, by Galloway, by the extreme left and by the Iranians, cannot be all bad. You can judge a man by his enemies.
    I judge you Mr Cohen by your new friends

  4. Oh dear
    This is one of those “thought police sites” that any form of debate is frowned upon.
    Not surprised

  5. Can you answer my questions next?

    Do you have ketchup on your cheese on toast?

    Sugar in your tea/coffee? If so, how many!

    Is Nick Cohen an anagram of kcni eohcn?

    You wear Nike trainers in the Standpoint photograph, but when not being photographed do you wear a cheaper, rip-off brand called Mike?

    Do you have a copy of Who’s Who?

  6. @Nick who?

    Your wrong if you think this is a thought police sight, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Nick Cohen is a professional descendent of George Orwell’s and you have had, after all, your questions put on show, which turns upside down your jibe.
    I wouldn’t take much heed of the other readers, they’re just winding you up a little.
    I guess you might have caught Nick Cohen at an awkward time with your questions, as he will probably be too busy for them while he works on his Standpoint pieces. Send him some more at the start of next month.
    Chin up!

  7. Nick
    Just say you don’t want to answer the questions, it is a little childish to get your right wing minions, I cannot believe you have such an infantile brain, to fight your fight.
    Always the sign of cowardice if you cannot nswer simple questions.
    I doubt this will be allowed on the thread

  8. Well as a journalist I like to think that my opinions are in my articles? (PS Anonymous writers should not throw accusations of cowardice around)

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