So this is how it ends, is it?

The longest period of left-wing rule in British history is all but over. Guess how Labour MPs use their last few precious days in power. By comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable? By standing up for the one-million-strong army of young unemployed? By refroming a rotten City or performing one last service to the credulous and the idealistic who have supported them down the decades?
Don’t be so stupid. Don’t be such a fucking clown.
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2 thoughts on “So this is how it ends, is it?

  1. Bastards. I was reading in Private Eye that Cameron’s running partner, Garnier, will do his bit, sorry, best, to stop progress on the libel law reforms.

  2. I got Desmond Swayne mixed up with Garnier there.
    How numb of me. Garnier can’t run, he just snakes his way from A to C(arter Fuck).

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