The “Liberal” Defence of Pedophilia

Ophelia Benson has the worst job in the blogosphere. She reads the papers of cultural studies and post-colonial academics – and given their  obscurantism she often must be their only reader – and explains how intellectuals who affect a liberal style, are imbued with reactionary ideas. The regurgitators of received wisdom hate her for it. As I mentioned in an earlier piece in Standpoint, she was on the receiving end of the fullest stomach load of bile literary London puked  up last year.

Undaunted, she carries on.

Here she is on a disgraceful effort by the Cambridge Review of International Affairs to turn a defence of the men who abuse women into a left-wing cause, by denigrating the efforts of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, a feminist group which tries to give Afghan girls education, healthcare and the right not to be forced into “marriage” before they are 16 (as half Afghan girls are).

Carry on reading

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