“You bastard, I hate you!” The broadcasters and Tony Blair

“Blair is like Margaret Thatcher now — a politician for whom the broadcasters can never have a good word. In Mo, Channel 4’s otherwise excellent drama-documentary on the last years of Mo Mowlam, Blair appeared as a despicable and vain figure who plotted to take the credit for Mowlam’s hard work. Channel 4 could not say the British Prime Minister had to get involved in the peace process because the Irish Taoiseach and the American President were already involved. It ignored the realities of international diplomacy and dismissed Blair’s achievements because, I suspect, the climate in broadcasting is such that to declare that he was not all bad is like announcing that you have seen the sweet side of a serial killer or possess sympathy for the Devil.

One day, probably about 30 years from now, a cultural historian will go through the political television of our time and wonder why, if Blair was such a palpably evil man, he managed to win so many elections.”
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19 thoughts on ““You bastard, I hate you!” The broadcasters and Tony Blair

  1. Hear, hear.

    Spot on. There really isn’t much I can add to this, Nick, that I haven’t said before. By ANY standards Blair and Ahern should have had the Nobel Peace Prize YEARS ago for their work in Northern Ireland.

    Derisory to its value that they have NOT, particularly in Blair’s case.

    It seems one has to die before on;e time before the press reognises one’s “greatness”, thus the afterlife love affair with Mo, who would NEVER, repeat NEVER have got Paisley on board. THAT, imho, was crucial. Only Blair could do this. And he did.

    The broadcasters are the biggest liars of the lot.

    Blair was a great leader and did the right thing over Iraq, which history will agree, I have no doubt.

  2. Why did Blair win so many elections? Because people are blinded by bling, Bliar was exactly that, warmonger, ligger, self centred oligarch. Good riddance, if riddance it is, I for one would be very very glad to see that back of the bastard. Most politicians are liars and cheats, the ones that aren’t don’t get too far. Thatcher and Blair and from the same nest.

  3. If you believe that Tony Blair was a great leader you are a traitor to your country, ignorant and stupid. If you voted Labour at the last election in effect what you are saying is that you are happy to see the country go bankrupt.

  4. By Aunt Melissa October 15, 2012 – 12:45 pmI cannot beleive 5 years have gone so fast! I still remember holding that sweet boy for the first time. You two are excellent parents! I love you all so much! Happy Birthday, Cohen!!!

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