Amnesty International and Megagreed Plc

Imagine an evil corporation; let us call it Megagreed plc. A worker with a fine and principled record speaks out about its directors associating with men who propagate a criminal ideology that has led to the denial of rights to millions in poor countries. Far from listening to her wise objections, Megagreed’s bosses suspend her for exercising her right to free speech on matters of public importance; it is a very evil corporation as I said. Our brave whistleblower tours the streets looking for a human rights lawyer to represent her. But none will because they are all so frightened of incurring the wrath of Megagreed plc they would rather allow an injustice to pass than run the risk of taking up her cause.

Once men and women suffering at the hands of evil corporations like Megagreed could have turned to Amensty International for help. Our heroine has been punished for speaking out, she is being denied the basic right to legal representation, surely Amnesty will act as a court of final appeal and give her a hearing? But our heroine can’t turn to Amnesty because in this instance Amnesty International IS the evil corporation.

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One thought on “Amnesty International and Megagreed Plc

  1. I attended a seminar today; the speaker was the Secretary General of the Swedish Amnesty. And I asked her about Mozzam Begg, who recently was invited to Stockholm by Swedish Amnesty. I asked if Amnesty didn’t find such alliance bothersome. Her respond was that it was ”a tactical” decision and that Amnesty’s goal was not to exclude anyone because of their views. Also that her wish/hope was that Amnesty showed a clear distance from Mozzams views and only wished to address his experiences as a Guantanamo prisoner. She came across as very sympathetic to the questions this friendship had raised but she wouldn’t agree on the fundamentalism Mozzams views represented.

    I wasn’t really expecting anything more than a generic answer but I did want her to be aware that some of us find Amnesty’s newfound ”poster-boy” rather troubling.

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