Gordon Brown: The Fear and the Filth

Running a ‘spoiler’ is the most joyous pleasures the rat like editor can experience. He knows that a rival paper has a great story coming, so he works out what he can about it and publishes another paper’s exclusive as his own.

The Mail on Sunday seems to have done just that with its pre-emptive strike on my Observer colleague’s Andrew Rawnsley’s forthcoming book which is due out in a month.

Sensational claims that Gordon Brown has physically attacked his staff in a series of outbursts in Downing Street – and once in America – have rocked the Government.
Well-placed sources say the Prime Minister has been accused of hitting a senior adviser, pulling a secretary out of her chair and hurling foul-mouthed abuse at aides while distraught over an alleged snub by President Barack Obama. The claims, which are fiercely denied by Mr Brown’s allies, are linked to a new book about Mr Brown by respected political journalist Andrew Rawnsley.

Indeed they are being denied. Patrick Hennessy of the Telegraph, who is, shall we say, always welcome in Downing Street duly popped up.
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One thought on “Gordon Brown: The Fear and the Filth

  1. It isn’t to do with what’s on here but because it’s the top entry, if anyone doesn’t know already, tonight, Martin Amis is giving a full programme interview on Radio 3’s Night Waves. Also, later on, in the Essay William Hazlitt is the subject. Get some batteries in the wireless.

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