Forget it – Blair will never be branded a war criminal

Consider the response of liberal Europeans to the last 40 years of Iraqi history. From 1968, an authentically fascist state confronted them, complete with the supreme leader, the unremitting reign of terror, the gassing of ethnic minorities and the unprovoked wars of conquest. America and Britain had, to their shame, been complicit in the oppression, but in 2003 they overthrew the tyrant thinking that he still possessed the weapons he used against the Kurds and the Iranians. He didn’t and the occupation turned into a disaster as the followers of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Ruhollah Khomeini began a campaign of mass sectarian killing.

Anyone who believed what Europeans said about their determination to make amends for Nazism and communism would have expected a principled response. However much they loathed Bush and Blair, surely they would have offered unreserved support for Arabs and Kurds struggling to escape totalitarianism. The British bore a heavy responsibility, as our army was effectively defeated in Basra. With too few troops to fight, it allowed clerical death squads to take over the city. British commanders had to suffer the humiliation of seeing the American and reconstituted Iraqi forces charge in to stop the violence they could not control.

And yet mainstream public opinion has never been interested in offering solidarity to the victims of Ba’athism and Islamism…

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4 thoughts on “Forget it – Blair will never be branded a war criminal

  1. “As someone who approved of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein at the time, and still does…”.

    Well Mr. Cohen I certainly hope you never stop approving of that war. That would make me completely lose faith in humanity. To a Kurd you have been one of few voices of reason in this Iraq- debate.

  2. Dear Mr. Cohen

    As a person with an Iraqi background I profoundly agree with your views on the Iraq war. It’s indeed one of the most misunderstood wars in this century. Approving the liberation of Iraq does not mean that one favors war at all cast – it basically means that you support the overthrow of one of the worst and most evil dictators of this century…

    I visited Iraq this December and met with high ranking officials there and can tell you that the country is going in the right direction despite the horrible ghosts of the past. No socialist likes to hear this…

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