Noam Chomsky and the Maniacs

In <Guernica magazine, Professor Noam Chomsky not only accuses me of being a maniac, an insult I can live with, but a maniac who does not check his sources, which I find uncalled for.
During a remarkably soft interview, the magazine’s editor rises from his knees only once to deliver what by his standards is a tough question,
‘Here’s one critic of your work, Nick Cohen in the Guardian: “The lesson of 11 September is that no constraints of morality or conscience would stop al-Qaeda exploding a nuclear weapon. If however, it is all our fault, as Chomsky says, perhaps we can avert catastrophe by being nicer and better people. Perhaps we can, but Chomsky is as reluctant to admit that al Qaeda is an autonomous movement as he is to admit the existence of the democratic and socialist opposition to Saddam Hussein’.”

Noam Chomsky: They’re mentioning somebody with my name. But it doesn’t relate at all to anything I’ve ever said or believe. Who did you say you’re quoting?

Guernica: Nick Cohen in the Guardian.

Noam Chomsky: Oh, Nick Cohen’s a maniac. If you’ll notice, he never cites anything. Does he cite anything? That already gives you the answer. Go back and check. He doesn’t cite anything. These are just diatribes, tantrums. I’m not interested in them.

A small point is that I work for the Observer not the Guardian. A larger one is that I am disgusted to say that I can cite vast amounts of detail on the malign influence of Chomsky and his kind on the wider left. Below is an extract from my What’s Left: How Liberals Lost Their Way.

I hope it explains why I believe that it is a disaster that the ideas that Chomsky and the postmodernists pioneered in the late 20th century have come to dominate left-wing thinking in the 21st; and where their characteristic failure to stand by comrades and concomitant willingness to make excuses for any maniac, as long as he is anti-American, lead.

It follows on from a discussion of how John Major’s Tories stood back while the Serbs massacred the Bosnian Muslims even after had revealed that concentration camps were back in Europe for the first time since the age of the dictators.

You will note that there are citations aplenty.
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2 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky and the Maniacs

  1. Well lets see, from what i understand you supported the war in iraq in 2003, , meanwhile in the 1980’s your governments supported the very same Saddam, and evidently mujahedeen you claim to dispise,? the protagonists in your story didn’t overthrow the fascist dictator in the first gulf war for convenient reasons leading to shias and kurds being massacred right after
    how about kurdish rights in turkey? why are you silent about that? could it be that turkey is NATO member?
    you guys are so transparent, only someone trapped in your narrow framework can subscribe to your bullshit

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