This anti-green backlash is a gift to brutish regimes

From the Observer.
Anyone who knows the history of backlash populism, from Nixon and Agnew onwards, will find the new fury at the environmental taxes comfortingly familiar. From the Palin rallies in the American Midwest via the baking suburbs of Brisbane to the screaming blogs of the English Tory party, the chants about climate change are the same. The liberal elite, the so-called experts, the unelected, unaccountable grandees, who poison our children’s minds through their control of the schools, foist their values on us through their courtier newspapers and television stations, take our taxes and use them to fund their weird minority causes, are at it again. Preying on hard-working families, and forcing their fads on the common people.

The feeling of suppressed class war is back. Globally, environmentalism is a middle-class cause, and in Britain, disastrously for its supporters, the children of the aristocracy and super-rich dominate the green movement. As before, many onlookers fear that they will pay the price for the soothing of the consciences of the wealthy. The conspiracy theories and the wails from the under-educated at the pretensions of the intellectuals have a tired ring, too. We appear to be on an old battlefield.

But do not make the mistake of dismissing the anti-green upsurge as another outbreak of crankiness.

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6 thoughts on “This anti-green backlash is a gift to brutish regimes

  1. I can hardly bring myself to believe that you wrote anything so silly. A group of corrupt scientists who were regarded as among the worldwide leaders of their profession are caught with their pants down, and you basically ignore the enormous scandal this involves just for the sake of yet another rant at the poor old religious reactionaries? Does it not even occur to you that the corruption of science on this unprecedented scale is something serious? There has never, never been a scientific scandal like this. In the past, scientific scandals meant individuals or groups doctoring evidence or rejecting it; at the worst, single nations, such as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, promoting indefensible pseudo-science. But in this case, we have the world leaders of a whole branch of science basically falsifying evidence all over the place and operating internationally to squash opposition and even try to change the editors in unfriendly magazines. This says nothing to you? I said it before and I will say it again: your silly and unthinking attachment to your own religion does you no good at all. You are not only foolishly dogmatic and ignorant, not only wholly incapable of assessing the opponents, but so incapable of controlling yourself that you find yourself drawn to this year’s version of Richard Nixon, the corrupters, the evidence fakers, the bullies, the foul-mouthed lowbrows, merely because you find some religious people in the opposition camp. It is so Pavlovian it is pathetic, and doubly pathetic in a man who has no personal reason to support corruption and who has so far been found more often opposing it. For the love of whatever it is that you hold sacred, grow up!

  2. Mr Cohen, maybe your ‘green’ credentials are better than mine, I only have a BSc in Env Sci and MSc in Ecology? I did spend two years studying Quaternary Climates and reconstructing them, but am certainly no expert. It was funny that my lecturers did not really come down on either side, but there was definitely a leaning against human mediated climate change.

    Can you please clarify, when you throw insults at scientists who disagree with your learned view point, how Milankovitch cycles, sun spots/solar activity, El Nino and La Nina events and the saltwater conveyor belt – specifically NADW and the Gulf Stream have no effect on the global climate and that only atmospheric CO2 does, even though that has been shown to follow global temperature changes?

  3. Your remarks about global warming on Thursday evening missed out the fact that the earth as it circumscribes an elipse each year around the sun varies in its distance from the sun, giving cycles of 30,000 years and smaller sub-cycles which give rise to periodic ice ages and high temperatures. No CO2 is involved. I you want more information, contact me.
    Jack Goodman BSc.

  4. Let’s not confuse liberals with socialists please. Judging from his performance on This Week this was simply another Guardianista hectoring the world on how to live their lives.

    I am staggered that someone supposedly so enlightened could simply dismiss those on the other side of the debate as “idiots” and “deniers.”

    I have no doubt that there is a great deal of veracity in the logic of climate change, but to approach the debate in such a binary fashion is childish.

    Settle down NC, and accord some respect to educated people who are still looking hard at the facts before they decide which way to jump.

  5. There’s no hope for people. Even the best of us see everything through the prism of our own obsessions.

    Nick, you’ve been lied to. And it isn’t just CRU scientists shown up in the mails, it’s the whole pro-AGW inner circle, including the IPCC authors. And that was such a missed-the-point essay I don’t even have the heart to be angry.

    Ask yourself why the number of ‘loonies’ keeps growing, among scientists, writers, and other highly educated people. For God’s sake, man, you wrote the book on liberal groupthink, why can’t you see it here? At bottom the global warming hysteria is probably fired by the same blame-the-West madness that makes the left hug the Islamofascists.

    Read the mails, read around. There’s no hockey stick, no consensus, no unnatural warming, and no warming at all in the last few years.

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