Will Gordon Brown have any scruples about honouring Islamist Sectarians?

Why do I still need to ask after all the years I’ve wasted watching the wretched man? Of course he wouldn’t and it looks like he is going to honour Muhammad Abdul Bari.

In my Observer column on Sunday I described how a purge of moderate Muslim advisers was underway in Whitehall. Labour is now trying to secure a segment of its core vote by abandoning what few liberal principles it has left and cosying up to the Muslim Brotherhood and Jammat-i-Islami. To be specific, Brown and John Denham are driving out Azhar Ali a special adviser who has opposed the religious right, and instead welcoming the Muslim Council of Britain’s into the Labour tent. From a conventional left wing perspective – which admittedly does not seem to be widely shared at the moment – Brown’s behaviour is a shocking act of treachery. Ali comes from the heart of the Labour movement and shares its values. The Brownites don’t care, and are throwing him out so that they can hug fellow travellers with ultra-reaction.
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One thought on “Will Gordon Brown have any scruples about honouring Islamist Sectarians?

  1. Hazel Blears has been hounded out of government and is holding on to her seat by the skin of her teeth. She has been exhibited to the country by her own party leader Burden Grown as the basest kind of parliamentary thief. While Ed the well-named Balls and his political bride, who have done even worse, not only remain in government but are spoken of as possible successors to Gordon. What had poor Hazel done wrong? Why, what else but act like her fellow Labour women Ruth Kelly and Jacqui Smith – both destroyed by Gordon – and remember that they were women and that Islamic extremism was bad for women and other living things.

    Meanwhile, the same government that is taking in the worst enemies of women and of freedom in any form is looking after its feminist reputation by letting Harpy Harperson loose on the education of young children. Does anyone seriously believe that to have five-year-olds indoctrinated about violence against women in the home will do anything to stop it? I suspect Harperson has never been inside a “community school” in her life, and simply does not realize how children think and act. After all, she is second to none in terms of privileged upbringing and the number of silver spoons in her baby mouth; which is just about the only excuse one can make for her.

    What makes the education so-called reforms even more damaging is their stated sexist emphasis. Of course, in the Harperson narrative there never is any question of women being violent to men. In real life, statistic after statistic show that about one fifth of all domestic violence is carried out by women against men: a minority indeed, but – when you consider the large numbers involved – a large amount of people whose suffering will remain dogmatically invisible to these hypocritical champions of the female sex. (Just this week a notorious murderess who slew her partner in circumstances of the most atrocious brutality after a long story of abuse, and then did her best to lie and deny it, has been recaptured after going AWOL from an open prison. If it had been a man, one rather doubts whether he would ever have been given the opportunity of an open prison.)

    My conclusion is: sum up the men who will certainly pay for Harpy Harperson’s fanaticism, and the Muslim women who will be left exposed to their torturers by Burden Grown’s hypocrisy, and soon you are talking real numbers. And there is no worse condemnation of the Harpy that, while other women took courageous and honourable stands against Muslim Fascism and were made to pay for it, she has never uttered a word of disagreement that might put her career at risk, and has always made sure that Islam was sheltered from her own dogmatism. A true heroine for our age, and a fitting deputy to Burden Grown.

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