Noam Chomsky and the Manufacture of Conspiracy Theory

“Denial” is an overused word, but in its original context it is essential for understanding how the heirs of mass murderers keep going. Why do modern neo-Nazis deny the Holocaust, when you might think they would be proud of it? They have to because every time fascist ideas look at if they might be gaining traction in Europe, they run into the insuperable obstacle of Auschwitz and shatter. Fascists have to deny to persuade themselves and others that they still have a chance of success. The same applies to other criminals. After the Serb camps were discovered in Bosnia, Serbian nationalists and their far left allies in the Revolutionary Communist Party had to pretend that Muslims weren’t being humiliated and murdered but that wicked western journalists from ITN and the Observer had manufactured an atrocity where none existed. The sinister figure of Noam Chomsky hung around the fringes of the conspiracy cheering on the manufacturers of fake history.

For once, they were exposed…Read on

One thought on “Noam Chomsky and the Manufacture of Conspiracy Theory

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