Amnesty International’s Decadence

Although largely forgotten, the Bosnian War remains the defining conflict of our age, reshaping what it means to be left or right wing. The sight of Europe standing by while Serbs slaughtered the Bosnian Muslims was a major recruiting tool for Islamo-fascism. The supposedly centre-right Major government disgraced itself by anticipating Michael Moore and degenerating into ever more bizarre anti-Americanism and the left, which claims to be against Islamphobia, was just as bad. (I cover the confusions and betrayals of the time in my book What’s Left?) As I and many others noted the most devious apologist for crimes against humanity was Noam Chomsky. It is a sign of the decadence of Amnesty International, an organization which professes to oppose crimes against humanity, that it has invited the professor to deliver a lecture in Ireland.

My colleague Ed Vulliamy, whose honest coverage of Bosnia infuriated Chomsky and his crew, delineates in detail Amnesty’s shame.

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One thought on “Amnesty International’s Decadence

  1. the misinformation from the past soviet sources has confused many decent western citizens.

    the soviets, east-germans.. have distorted all matters to bring the soviet system into good light, and the west into bad.

    iranian agents took over the role of the soviets.

    time to redefine true humanity, and expose all inquisitions, true only faiths, and similar ideologies.

    the most beautiful recovery from oppression and virtual slavery, was the non violence concept authored and perfected by Ferenc Deak 1803-1876.

    this is giving me hope that some troubled nations will reform themselves if they find their Deaks.

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