Godwin’s Law Lives!

Godwin’s justly celebrated law states that as an online debate grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving the Nazis or Hitler approaches one. Anyone who engages in reductio ad Hitlerum instantly loses the argument because he or she begs questions and makes false comparisons. It is a handy measure that unlike most laws costs nothing and saves you time and effort you could better spend elsewhere.

Example One. In today’s Daily Mail AN Wilson states that we should not trust scientists who say that cannabis should be reclassified as Class C drug. “Some people think that Hitler invented the revolting experiments performed by Dr Mengele on human beings and animals,” he explains
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One thought on “Godwin’s Law Lives!

  1. Don’t we need a new version of this law that applies to the American right’s current Stalin comparisons? Mind you, their simple innocence warms my heart.

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