A Bluffers Guide to the BNP

The Community Security Trust, which works to protect Britain’s Jews from fascism in all its forms, has a very good guide on the BNP’s use of media friendly language to cover up its racism. I was very critical of how the broadcasters give neo-Nazis powder-puff interviews in the Observer at the weekend. (You can see Andrew Marr’s dismal effort here.) So I should say in fairness that the tape showing Griffin explaining to American neo-Nazis how he would play the media was dug out by the BBC’s better journalists. Anyway, this post from CST is well worth reading before Question Time this week. Check the list of circumlocutions and see how many Griffin uses.
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One thought on “A Bluffers Guide to the BNP

  1. I do hope Nick Cohen doesn’t vote Labour or Tory.

    Labour plus Tories invaded Iraq on the basis of doctored intelligence reports and a pack of lies (more or less the reasons Hitler invaded Poland). In contrast the BNP always opposed the war. A million Muslims and Kurds died as a result. Who are the racists? I’d say Labour and friends are about a million times as racist as the BNP (Or possibly they’re just 100,000 times as racist. I might even accept 10,000 at a pinch!)

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