Ant and Deck Oh What the Heck

In the television industry, a look of awe comes over the faces of executives when you mention the names of Ant and Dec. It is not the pair’s undoubted appeal that impresses the bureaucrats. Although a few still relish the story of how the BBC let them go to ITV a decade ago after the mad belief that their popularity was on the decline overcame a light-entertainment grandee, most now take Anthony McPartlin’s and Declan Donnelly’s mastery of the medium for granted. Everyone agrees that they are the best performers since Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. In the opinion of their colleagues — if not your critic — they are better because they can present game shows, talent competitions and organise jokey stunts, as well as perform standard comedy routines.

No, what provokes wonder is how the apparently loveable pair of cheeky Geordies got away with ripping off their audience without their audience caring…
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4 thoughts on “Ant and Deck Oh What the Heck

  1. Ooh what a lovely pair they are, indeed (I couldn’t help it). My name has been taking quite a bashing in the press, what with that oaf Jonathan Ross. I’m only slightly cheered that I was actually named after that wuss on Friends…
    But my thoughts on this is that Brand and Woss were seen doing it, heard doing it and what they were doing and to whom it was targeted was too much.
    Ant and Dec? Could it really be attached to them? These two were real good guys! Disappointment overtook the anger from the audience and fans, maybe. Still, getting away with the fleecing was like them both hopping across a tightrope; how they safely got to the other side for more shows is astonishing.

  2. Isn’t this a case of plausable deniablilty? It’s plausable, reagardless of whether it’s true, that as presenters Ant and Dec had no idea about the scam. Isn’t this how the worst of PR works? Spin a lie so much that a galliable public will believe just so the show can go on, while ITV get hit by a massive fine and are forced to carry out job cuts.

  3. Good article – but a serious mistake about Michael Grade contained in it… He wasn’t “boss of ITV at the time”. He started on January ’07 (the scandal ended in Oct ’06). Grade was the person who dismantled those premium phonelines. Which won ITV back it’s soul but, alas, landed it even deeper in the financial d00-doo.

  4. I bet there’s a few Mps who’d love a bit of the ol’Ant and Dec effect. Sheesh, it would sell faster in a bottle than Speaker Martin’s Whisky did.
    I say speaker… I say whisky…

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