War Crimes and the British Establishment

When Lord Phillips, the Lord Chief Justice, went to the East London Mosque, to argue that there was nothing wrong with imposing Sharia law on British citizens I wondered whether radical Islam was allowing the more reactionary elements of the establishment to revert to type. Even in the law, you cannot discriminate against white-skinned women in Britain without running into trouble. But right-thinking, left-leaning multi-culturalists will applaud if you propose that misogynist laws should be imposed on brown-skinned women, and men can find a new and politically correct way of playing a very old game.

Perhaps I am being unfair; perhaps the silly man did not have the faintest idea who he was playing with. For his Lordship’s information, the mosque is a centre for Jamaat-e-Islami, one of the most extreme of the sub-continent’s clerical fascist parties. It is, needless to add, somewhat unreconstructed on the issue of female emancipation. The Lord Chief was not alone in making the pilgrimage to Whitechapel. Prince Charles toured the mosque. Ken Livingstone and many others on the pseudo-left formed alliances with Jamaat supporters, while the Muslim Council of Britain has many Jamaatis on board. It is not only progressives who flirt with the party. Only the other day Boris Johnson was in the mosque paying his respects.
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