The real Lockerbie Conspiracy?

Here is another reason why I am highly dubious about the claims that the Lockerbie trial was a miscarriage of justice. In the late 1990s, David Shayler left MI5 and blew every secret he could to the press. He worked on the Lockerbie files, however, and insisted that the case was above board. (I should add that Shayler has since become the nuttiest of conspiracy theorists and insists that Jews – or “Zionists” as modern anti-semites say – are everywhere. If even he doesn’t believe there is was a conspiracy in the Lockerbie case, then there wasn’t.)

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2 thoughts on “The real Lockerbie Conspiracy?

  1. May I be blunt, Mr. Cohen? This is the reason that many of us on the right have been deeply suspicious of the Left for decades – there is a very strong view, not unsupported by evidence, that the feral engine driving the Left is a hatred for civilization qua civilization, and that its various causes were nothing more than a club for that purpose.

    Signatories of the Euston manifesto excepted, of course.

  2. If one ever opened your eyes and looked you will see that the left and the right are both and one the same entity, who are also being controlled by a single leader or group of people, including all the press, who are said to controll the W’s3 also.

    Shayler is but another pawn placed into the system to confuse, while the real deal is taking place somewhere else, do you think for a moment he would still be alive if he has anything worth knowing, come on, wake up and smell the coffee, Pllllllllease.

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