Mass Murderers and Petty Politicians

I have a piece in today’s Observer about the proposal to release the Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing on compassionate grounds. It is one thing to free the dying Ronnie Biggs – who never hurt anyone. Quite another to release a dying man convicted of the murder of 270 people on any grounds other than that an appeal court has decided that he is not guilty. But it looks as if the Scottish nationalist politicians in charge of the case are preparing to do just that. By my reckoning, he will have served one year for every 30 people he murdered.

I picked up two impressions as I researched the article last week..

Blog post at Standpoint here

4 thoughts on “Mass Murderers and Petty Politicians

  1. It was all a bit of a stitch up in the first place. The Libyans were if anything only quartermasters. It was the Syrians and Iranians who actually got off lightly.
    Until Gulf One, they were in the cross hairs of the USG. Then Bush did his ‘bum steer’ speech to garner support for the war and low and behold it was the Colonel who became enemy number one. The corollary of Megrahi’s release should actually be reinvestigation of the ‘drug runners’ who were ‘allowed’ to filter their gear through Beiruit.

  2. What, all we all of a sudden giving out FREE Lunches? Since when??? Under what premise? Did this guy learn his lesson? Who knows, right? Well I guess we’ll have to find out the hard way, maybe???

  3. In The Spectator 12/9 there’s an interesting small letter from Norman Tebbit asking for the magazines view on freed and comfortably rewarded IRA terrorists after it was keen to say that any terrorists who kill British citizens should be punished and serve their jail sentences in full.
    Since the decision to send back Megrahi, I’ve been thinking about Norman Tebbit and his reaction to what a Conservative government will be like with its relations with Libya. Cameron wants to be very careful indeed because the link with trade, etc won’t smother the memories of many in his party, especially Mr Tebbit’s.

    Fraser Nelson is having legal bother with Charlie Wheelan or ‘Oik’ as Alistair Campbell named him.
    If it goes to court, someone send a bike courier round on the day and have him chuck a copy of May’s Standpoint in, and five minutes later the case will be chucked out.

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