Are Tories Hypocrites? A challenge to Conservative readers

Post at Standpoint on Cameron’s new friends here

4 thoughts on “Are Tories Hypocrites? A challenge to Conservative readers

  1. As a Eurosceptic rather than a Tory voter, I think I’d turn the question round and ask, are you happy for people of that calibre to have the power to influence, change and supersede British law?

    (Couldn’t get comments to work at Standpoint.)

  2. I don’t see why the Tories are “my side” at all. They haven’t stood for anything principled in a long while, nor have any of the other parties on offer. We live in de facto unprincipled, amoralist, pragmatist one-party states – which is why various fascist parties are doing so well.

    I’m a committed capitalist, and I would honestly like there to be a serious socialist party running in the elections, not just if that were “the price” for a serious capitalist party. The total lack of discussion of principle is what’s causing all this mess. To put it simply, I’d get on fine with Kipling and Orwell; I don’t get on at all with what’s currently on offer.

    The “ha ha, yah-boo” element to our jeering at the Left’s snuggling with the Islamic Right is because it confirms something we’ve suspected for a long time, that the Left has been about tearing apart Western civilization, and that each of its causes has just been a stick for that end. The plights of Muslims meant nothing to the peaceniks when they protested the removal of Milosevic, nor did they really mean anything when they protested the removal of Saddam Hussein. The cause of Kurdistan went down the same memory hole as the fate of East Timor the instant it became a target of Jihad. It’s hard to find a peacenik willing to admit what bin Laden has in store for India (a proud member of Western civilization, imho). Feminism was all the rage as long as it was about attacking the Dead White Males that made our civilization possible, but you can forget about that when it means taking a stand against Islam. Etc, etc.

  3. In the Devil’s Dictionary Amrose Bierce defines a “predicament” as “the wage of consistency”.

    Conservatives don’t tend to worry as much about being hypocritical or inconsistent since those are inevitable consequences of pragmatism. Stupidity, or following principles to silly ends, is considered a greater crime than hypocrisy.

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