Banning the BNP

If it had the integrity to follow through the logic of its position, the government would make membership of the British National party a criminal offence. Ministers would be behaving illiberally – dangerously so, for reasons I will get to – but at least they would be demonstrating a consistency in their dealings with fascistic forces that has so far evaded them.

Instead of being honest, the political left is slowly turning Britain into a country where the state can blacklist members of a foul but legal political party. To date, it has only given itself the power to sack police and prison officers for membership of the BNP. Elsewhere, soldiers cannot take part in political activity and doctors, nurses, civil servants and teachers must not allow their beliefs to compromise their professional conduct, but they can keep their allegiances to themselves.

More at the Observer here

One thought on “Banning the BNP

  1. “Opposing sectarianism equally without regard to colour and creed would not only be principled, but would have the additional advantage of reducing racism in the white working class”.
    Very well put, Nick.
    But it would be given to other countries as advice many more times before it would be used in this one, I fear. Yet it is the strongest starting point for the problem.
    A fortnight ago, I came across a political book in a local used-book shop with the owners name on the blank front page: Nicholas J. Griffin.
    It was only a pound.
    I think it would be a bad idea to purge the BNP members from employment. Persecution would probably rally more support for it.

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