Keeping your job beats bonding with baby

Like a juggernaut heading towards a wall, politics in Britain ploughs on ignoring the warnings to change course.

Yesterday the clumsily named Equality and Human Rights Commission put its foot down on the accelerator and declared that fathers should have the right to take four months parental leave. It would have sounded a progressive idea when London was booming in March 2007. Men would have discovered their caring side by bonding with their children. Women would have been relieved of the burdens of childcare. What could be fairer?

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2 thoughts on “Keeping your job beats bonding with baby

  1. A recession is a dizzying time, if not for just making people having to keep shaking their heads from side to side at some announced ‘help’ contrary to the benefit of many in this climate.

  2. Call me old fashioned or whatever you like, but a females job is in the home when the children are young, a man’s job is to work and protect that unit.

    If the male is to take four months off to bond with his children, who is going to do the work, send out the wife to earn a crust and your back to the same position as before.

    Today we have lost all scense of direction for the tradiditional family unit, money has become more important than life itself, this cannot be good in the long run, and making someone work for nothing and giving someone else something for nothing does not work,

    We will one day need a family planning scheme to protect what resorces we have left, if there are too many people looking for the same thing, then we are going to loose the overall balance,

    I believe in helping someone to help themselves, but if they constantly do nothing for something then you must ask, who is going to pay for it all, if we are all at home doing nothing.

    Take away peoples ability to work by transfrering their jobs to cheaper labour societies is going to cause unrest throughout the population, the people here who are left in employment are then working to pay others who are doing nothing,

    it will go full circle until we are the ones who will be working for nothing before the work comes home, and the womens work is in that home.

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