“Nick Cohen’s is an astringent voice of sanity in dark times.”

Review of Waiting for the Etonians by Oliver Kamm
Right here

According the sub-editor who wrote the strap I say “No capitalism hasn’t failed but the liberal-left has.”
Actually what the essays argue is that there has been an across-the-board failure to stick by liberal and left wing principles.
The Labour government lost the centre-left’s sensible instinct that if you don’t regulate bankers and speculators they will bring the roof in on the rest of society – as they have done.

The liberal-left intelligentsia failed to stick by the equally sensible liberal principle that if you don’t oppose clerical fascism clerical fascists will grow in power – as they have done.
In other words, the trouble with the liberal-left is that it is not liberal or left wing enough.

But subs, eh?
Can’t live with ’em, pass the beer nuts.

Oliver points out on his blog that the sub continues with,”Anger at the betrayal of progressive principals runs through Cohen’s work.”
Screw the beer nuts, I need a beer.

One thought on ““Nick Cohen’s is an astringent voice of sanity in dark times.”

  1. Mr Kamm writes with such finesse I wonder if every word is struck with a tuning fork while he thinks.
    Nick, as an added feature to your blog, can you have a section called Books worth reading, or something like that. One of a list accompanied with a few words (10 or 20) beside each title that would include some of the more obscure political or whatever books no longer on the current shop shelves.
    Thinking about it, I find too much time goes by before I see an author mentioned or a particular book known to some but unfortunately not others revisited, and it is frustrating. Though you include good writers frequently in your columns; just the other day I learnt from this site about a Richard Wolin, I hadn’t seen his name elsewhere yet he is known widely in the intellectual/political world. I might appear to be lazy but I hope not. There’s an awful lot of books out there and certainly not all of them are good. Why waste time on them? Such help from a leading commentator would be helpful for those of us trying to engage in and developing some social political awareness. Will you have another beer and give it some thought?

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