Two nations

Let us be honest, and admit the real reason why Gordon Brown’s slogan “British jobs for British workers” has drawn such tutting from the London middle class. It is not because of Brown’s encouragement of xenophobia, deplorable though that is.

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One thought on “Two nations

  1. Reflecting on the thread and conemmts leads to an interesting question:What is the actual genesis of the pseudo/soggy Left as labelled in turn by maoist LSP and liberal party leftist Christian Kerr?When I was active in Left politics 1963/75 -there were four distinct groups in the Labor Party: 1. the Stalinist/soviet fellow travellers who controlled the Vic, WA and Federal executives; 2 the next-gen power challengers led by Bob Hawke, Clyde Holding who eventually called themselves Labor Unity , 3 the independant third way led by Dick McGarvie, Race Mathews, John Button et al whose derivation was Fabianism and 4. the NSW catholic Right opportunistic thugocracy of which Keating, Richardson and Brereton are the recent examples who most memorably come to mind, although there were and are many others. All positions were represented in varying degree in the other state branches.In the wider Left spectrum there was the now defunct Democratic Labor Party who persued neo-con like foreign policy and Green/kookie economics and on the other side a few Trot/ Maoist splinters who were dedicated to scorning mainstream politics and maintaining their ideological purity.BUT ..There were NO pseudo/soggy Leftists even in SIGHT in those heady days, comrades!!The first manifestation was not until the emergence of Chipp Democrats late in 70s in reaction to Fraser/Howard policies: a split you should note from the Right, not the Left. (Has Larvatus ever paid homage to Don Chipp, I wonder?)So how did it come about that your movement that arose from the Right now speaks so righteously for the Left? What are the political/cultural forces that led to this transition? Has anybody done a Phd or published on this yet?On the face of it the orgins from the Right are a plausible explanation for the pseudo/soggy Lefts apparent cognitive dissonance re the raison d’etre of the Eustonistas and the last stand being mounted by the maoists?

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