Penury: the cure for “affluenza”

About the most wrong-headed book produced in the Brown bubble was Affluenza by Oliver James, an Old Etonian psychologist and media don.

Read the rest in the Standard here

2 thoughts on “Penury: the cure for “affluenza”

  1. Does the world really need yet anhetor bunch of ideologues in a back room of some watering hole, hammering out one more high-minded yet ineffectual manifesto and then requesting people sign it or forever be idealogicaly tainted in ongoing discourse with the signees?The only value I’ve seen emerge from the Euston Manifesto is that it provides a new set of monkey bars for the kind of people who want their playground to be seriously appreciated as some kinda grownup simulacra with practical and relevant real life applications.And yes-Of course, in Australia, the analogy is even closer as the only organised Eustonista-like grouping is a Maoist group.Dunno about the rest of you but I feel any point of view both endorsed by Maoists and a very sweet yet quite pointless and stately old high Tory like Norm Geras will pretty much end up like .And maybe also waiting on a bench with a 3 digit number in hand in the US Pundits Office if they’re really pushy.I hold no particular brief for the old, new, classical, revoluntionary, counter-revoluntionary, Trot, Fabian or social democrat left. Let them organise complex schoolyard games and the school concert and social while the rightwingers and libertarians run the ciggie and pot franchises and half-arsed proetction rackets behind the bicycle sheds. I reserve my right to get involved in any or all of it.But the moment I’m steered towards any kind of manifesto, I start smelling a combination of loyalty oath and blank cheque. (I believe that description is anhetor Dsquared coinage).The Euston Manifesto really smacks to me of the pompous highmindness of a student council calling for everyone to get behind the head PE teacher cos a big game is coming up. The fact he was recently caught in the showers, wet, naked and soaping up his charges, is utterly irrelevant.Go team!

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