Equality of Sacrifice

I met the chief executive of Islington council just before Christmas and immediately took to him. He was a commonsensical northerner who talked about the urgent need for the Government to allow councils to keep the construction industry in business by building social housing.
He will probably never talk to me again but I think his £160,000 salary should be cut…

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One thought on “Equality of Sacrifice

  1. Correction. John Foster gets over £200,000 but what the hell a few thousand here, a few thousand there …

    He came from Wakefield DC where he was getting £115,000. He didn’t leave of his volition.

    Foster bailed out – without a job – a month or so after the northern council was embroiled in a scandal over a couple of gay foster parents abusing the kids in their council. Wakefield was forced to pay out over £1m to social workers who had blew the whistle (full story is on the BBC site and can be googled using “Foster and Wakefield”). The circumstances of his departure strongly suggest that he was kicked out so he really had a result turning up at Islington with a pay rise to boot.

    I wonder about your use of the adjective “commensensical”. Read what he writes: he’s an artiste of modern management speak; in other words, total bollocks.

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