New site – old content will be added shortly.

This is my new website. I am currently working to import all of the archives from my old site into this one, and I hope to complete this shortly. In the meantime, please bookmark it and add it to your RSS reader. All new articles will be added to this site.

5 thoughts on “New site – old content will be added shortly.

  1. Hi Nick!

    Is this site simply going to be plugging your new book or will your articles continue to be posted here? An outline of your plans wouldn’t go amiss!

  2. Congratulations on the new blog!
    Looking forward to reading your new book Mr. Cohen.
    I recently finished REreading What’s Left. As a Kurd I was especially disappointed with the leftists reactions to the Iraq war. What can I say, your criticism of the left is spot on.
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  3. Some good points there znmegrean.However:the Euston people, as I see it in a big-picture sort of sense, were simply trying to treat, or perhaps to quarantine or neutralize or reform, some of the barking hydrophobic quarters of the grand Left A very laudable aim. Shame it was executed in practice with all the denouncing, knowing bad faith, self-righteous grandstanding and high-flown yet ineffectual posturing that so often plagues the Left elements for which the Eusties think they’re providing an alternative. I mean can anyone point to a single outcome from the eManifesto that has made the world any better? I mean beyond turning one bunch of ideological moralisers on eachother instead of on the rest of us?True though it does accurately reflect the issue that inspired it in that it’s another possibly well intentioned yet woefully planned and incompetently delivered clusterfuck.Also jpz, do you not note the discrepancy between: Personally I don’t think the US owed the Afghans anything at all in the way of democracy, social reform, feminism, etc.; it owed the Afghans and the Islamists a good old-fashioned ass-kickin’, nothing more.and Japan and Germany both largely turned (and not without ENORMOUS effort!) because the outcome of the war had enabled them to see, very very clearly, that the fundamental ideological basis of their society had been entirely, completely discredited. Nothing of the sort is true in the Islamic world, and therein lies a critical difference.That second point is a good observation yet it appears no one pulling the main levers of US power has worked out that their efforts should be devoted to that as a central principle of all their actions.The 911 killers overwhelmingly came from and/or got funded and radicalised through the US’s two main Islamic client states/allies/geo-political floozies, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, both of which are artificial states carved out of colonialism and now run by corrupt oligarchies, majorly propped up by Western military-industrial-oil alliances and full of angry and frustrated young men watching pirated first world porn and yet can’t easily get a root. That’s just asking for it, whether you think the overall settings are right or wrong.Damn right, if Australia was attacked on the same scale as 911, I’d wanna see some arses kicked too but I’d like to see our leaders (our employees basically) kick the right arses so they stay kicked.But Iraq and Afghanistan have had their arses kicked in a way in a way that just inflames and not drains their pilonidal cysts.(Come to think of it, the Bali bombings, both in terms of per capita casualties and of a very nasty shock to a populace’s sense of how it’s seen in the world, were not that dissimilar to 911.Yet John Howard behaved not at all like Dubya and just like I’d hoped an intelligent first world leader would under such circumstances. He handled the shock, grieving and mourning process with low key but fitting dignity, quickly despatched much needed and effective medical , forensic and law enforcement resources to the scene of the crime and didn’t invade Malaysia.I was quite proud of him then. Then of course after that he went back to whipping up hysteria over fauve issues for grubby political gain.)Anyway, getting back OT. Never mind the morality of the kind of interventions endorsed by the Eusties, what about the practicalities?The kind of western liberal democracies we’d trust to some degree or another to intervene appropriately already have their forces seriously stretched in South Asia and/or are now distinctly wary of such similar engagements for the future while, after the Mesopotamian fiasco, t’would be hard to imagine any potential interventees welcoming any such intervention with open arms, flowers and rosewater.Therefore I put it to you that the Eusties are just the latest generation of ideologues issuing feel good manifestos secure in the knowledge they’ll never be tested in reality.And of course banging on on blogs about the merits or demerits of the eManifesto does nothing more to make life better for 70% or so of the world living in various degrees of shit.But at least the likes of FE, Rob etc get to check out the cut of their International Rescue costumes in the mirror. The one that doesn’t lead to the cockpit of Thunderbird 2.

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