Democratiya Winter 2007

The new edition of the online journal Democratiya is out today.
There’s a thoughtful interview with Mary Kaldor, a shocking account of how supposedly leftish western academics ignore the suffering of Afghan women, Fred Siegel on facing up to Islamism, Ophelia Benson on apostasy, some chap called Blair and my postscript to What’s Left? which you may have read on this site, but is in Democratiya if you want a second helping.
There’s much more, and, as always, it’s worth reading the whole thing. Alan Johnson edits this extraordinary magazine from a study in Kendal. He has no budget and no staff, just an irrepressible willingness to fight the battle of ideas. There’s a ‘donate’ icon in the top right hand corner of the home page. If you are in need of a good cause this Christmas, give it a click.