Euston Meeting

There’s a video of a Euston Manifesto meeting in the Commons here and edited highlights here. (It was a long meeting so I’d go for them.)

Best quote comes from Pat McFadden MP , Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Cabinet Office, and one of Tony Blair’s key advisors at No. 10 in the run up to the Iraq conflict. He said:

‘We should reject the notion, frequently held, which says that when it comes to security problems at home or terrorist acts abroad, we have brought it on ourselves.

There is nothing inevitable about bombing marketplaces. People chose to do it and it is an outrage against universal values of human decency.’

In reference to the Islamist threat, he added:

‘This ideology, bottled up during the Cold War, was leading people to commit terrorist outrages before either President Bush or Tony Blair took office and the threat it poses will remain when both of them have gone. Liberalism, pluralism and democracy are worth defending and it will remain necessary to defend our beliefs and to be strong and vigilant in the face of the security threat facing the country.’