What’s Left? The World and His Wife

There’s a stinker from my editor at the New Statesman here which says I’m so nasty about the Left because I come from the far Left. (I n fact I am not now nor have I ever been a member of any party except the Labour Party.) As is becoming a tradition with New Statesman editors, he doesn’t take on my arguments.
Paul Anderson deals better than I can with such myopia here

There’s a piece in this week’s Economist here which describes me as ‘peppery’ which I quite like, but more importantly marks the first time to my knowledge that the mainstream media has dealt with the arguments on the left as a subject for serious journalism. The writer says:

‘Just as Britain is the hearland of the leftist-Muslim partnership it is also the main locus of a sharp and trenchant critique of political Islam. At its toughest, the argument of a new school of anti-Islamist leftists — mainly rehearsed on the Internet — is that parts of the international left are now making as colossal a mistake as they did over Soviet and Chinese communism. They have let hatred of America and capitalism blind them to darker forces.’

The writer concludes somewhat whimsically that the present liberal consesnus will end and there will be ‘will be a sudden dash to the barricades’ as leftists unite against all forms of theocracy. Well that would be nice.

There’s a review in the right wing American Spectator which glosses over my take on the disasters of the Bush presidency as seamlessly as my allegedly left wing critics which you can find here And a short but none the less perfectly constructed rave at the First Post here

I am speaking at the ICA on Monday and Miller’s Academy on Tuesday, but am afraid that tickets for both have long gone.

A quick thank you to everyone who made it such a marvellous launch party on Wednesday, even if they did drink too much and then regret it.