What’s Left? Just About Everyone

There’s a rave here in the Spectator which describes What’s Left? as ‘a forcefully argued and powerfully memorable book’. (free registration required).

There’s a half rave from Deborah Orr in the Independent which concludes.

“Cohen is right again to cavil at the left’s obstreperous negativity about its own society, which he describes as “the parochialism of small minds who can’t get beyond their hatred of injustice at home”. There’s a lovely passage in which Cohen imagines someone describing the positive aspects of the future as it has now generally come to pass in western democracies to liberal-left radicals of the past. “We love the sound of your future,” your audience cries. “It has everything we have always wanted.” “So it has,” you reply. “Which is why you will hate it.” If you are on the left and unable to see the truth and the humour in this observation, then you’ll hate What’s Left as well. Which is a shame for you, because Cohen’s re-evaluation of everything that has ever animated his vastly political being says many, many things that really do need to be said. ”

Iain Dale interviews me on the bloggers’ channel 18 Doughty Street here

There’s an extract here in the Staggers.

In Sydney Pamela Bone writes about What’s Left? in The Australian

Across the Pacific to Canada Terry Galvin has an interview with me on his site.

Meanwhile back in Hull a fat man with a keyboard makes a point no one has grasped so far when he writes that What’s Left? ‘is the most unambiguously left wing book I have read in yonks.’

That’s it for the time being, I think. Back to the day job.