What’s Left? The Commentariat.

Critics of my argument take pops at What’s Left? in today’s Observer. Peter Oborne makes thoughtful criticisms. Isobel Hilton says that I accuse opponents of the war of supporting a fascistic dictatorship. I say nothing so silly. I argue the inability to support Saddam’s victims once the war was over shone a harsh light on the collapese of the Left’s old traditions of solidarity. Beatrix Campbell is in full denunciatory mode and says I accuse the Left of being fascist. No I don’t. I say that postmodernism and the multi-culturalism it has produced allows liberal-minded people to excuse right-wing movements abroad because they somehow think it is racist to criticise them. Sunder Katwala says the left is just fine and dandy apart from the SWP, and in any case we don’t have to worry about the Trots because they’re just a few scoundrels on the fringe . It would be nice if that were true.
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