What’s Left? Radio 4/Sky

I’ll be on Start the Week with Andrew Marr after the 9 am news on Monday. When the invitation arrived, I took a look at the other guests and saw that on with me will be John Kampfner, my editor of the New Statesman. He’s a fine and liberal editor who prints what I write even when he profound disagrees with me. But he does profoundly disagree with me.
Next up is Claire Fox whose Revolutionary Communist Party I tear into for its denial of the Serb concentration camps in Bosnia.
Hmm two against one, I thought. Then I looked at the third guest Hermione Lee, whose biography of Edith Wharton is just out. Surely, I’ve written nothing to offend her. I glanced at her previous biographies and noticed that she was a fan of Virginia Woolf.
In the chapter on the Thirties I denounce Woolf as a forerunner of so much that is going wrong in liberal thinking today.
My guess is I’ll need reinforcements by 9.20 at the latest.

PS Lee was even worse than I expected. No one fights as dirty as a belle-lettrist in a corner. You can hear it here

I’m also talking about the book on Sky News at 9pm.