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March 7, 2014

No room to breathe

all that is solid dorlingReview of All that is solid
By Danny Dorling

Shelter, like food, is essential for life. Without a home you have no place to lay your head and no place in the world to call your own. Even in rich countries, where they were once secure, homes have become precarious, as if sinkholes were opening under them.

A few figures from Danny Dorling’s brilliantly original study of our national obsession and national malaise explain why. No one can pretend now that we are moving towards a property-owning democracy. For the first time in a century, the share of homes rented privately has risen – up 6% between 2001 and 2011. In London and the south-east – and many cities outside – rents are extortionate.

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February 27, 2014

TV in the Web age: Don’t stop to think for a second


The most popular and critically acclaimed drama British television produces lacks drama’s basic component: a coherent plot. Few care. Commissioning editors and the viewing public acclaim Sherlock’s creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The press loves them so much it covered their last series as if it were breaking news.

To give you an idea of how slapdash and infantile their writing is, consider one episode of the BBC programme, The Empty Hearse.

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February 25, 2014

How to stop the oligarchy’s terrorists: seize their assets

The guards who tortured Sergei Magnitsky at Moscow’s Matrosskaya Tishina prison, and refused to allow doctors to treat the pancreatitis that eventually killed him did not understand that they had fashioned a weapon for democracies to wield against dictatorships.

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February 18, 2014

If you treat homosexuality as a genetic phenomenon, don’t be surprise if your enemies try to “cure it”

Gay-rights Russian embassy

After Sochi, we can dispense with the notion that sportsmen and women are “role models” we should encourage our children to emulate. All the young would receive would-be masterclasses in cowardice and selfishness if they were foolish enough to take lessons from athletes.

At the time of going to press, not one competitor had raised a rainbow flag on the slopes of Sochi or a clenched fist on the medal podium.

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February 14, 2014

A political conspiracy by the coercive arm of the state

MP Andrew Mitchell speaks to the media outside the Town Hall in Sutton Coldfield

The best way to imagine the British establishment is to picture a committee that never meets. There is no chain of command, which might leave incriminating paper trails; no controlling intelligence. Its members do not need to wait for instructions from on high. They know what to do without needing to be told.

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February 3, 2014

Ukip exploits every prejudice known to man – and invents a few new ones besides

Ukip leader Nigel Farage with Eastleigh Ukip candidate Diane JamesThe British centre-left has been tempted to ignore Ukip – the most powerful movement of organised stupidity in recent British history – even to welcome it in a quiet way. Conventional wisdom holds that Labour’s hopes of winning the next election depend on the rightwing vote splitting. Ukip are the splitters, who will let the left come through the middle in marginal seats.

Beyond electoral tactics lies a regard for populists who are anti-establishment. George Galloway may have crawled up the posteriors of half the dictators on the planet, while Alex Salmond may want to place barriers between the English and the Scots where none has existed for 300 years, but at least they are sticking it to the “system”. Likewise, Farage is a card, who hounds the professional politicians – and all those other pampered elitists who rip us off and ruin our lives.

A look at January 2014 shows that you have to forgive and forget a great deal before you can treat Ukip with anything other than hostility.

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January 28, 2014

Tweet a cartoon of Muhammad asking ‘How ya doin’? – And death threats follow.

The real scandal in the Liberal Democrats is not leading the news. Extremists are menacing the career and life of a Liberal Democrat politician and respectable society hardly considers these authentically scandalous threats to be a scandal at all. The scandal, in short, is that there is no scandal.

The reasons for the attacks on Maajid Nawaz are so bland, it makes me yearn to live in a grown-up country where I could shrug them off. But we don’t live in a grown-up country and I had better explain. The BBC asked the executive director of the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremist thinktank, on to a discussion show. Two atheist members of the audience wore T-shirts showing Jesus saying: “Hey” and Muhammad saying: “How ya doing?” I beg you to keep the innocuous nature of the cartoon at the front of your mind as we descend into a modern Bedlam.

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January 20, 2014

Of all the institutions Savile corrupted, the BBC had the least right to be surprised by his crimes

Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG

I’m sure that the BBC’s managers will be appalled by the Observer’s revelation that Jimmy Savile molested or raped hundreds – maybe a thousand – girls and boys. I have enough faith in their humanity to believe that the hairs on the back of their necks will stand on end when they read one of the victims’ lawyers telling us: “Savile never had a quiet day.”

Whether he was in the Top of the Pops studio or touring in a BBC camper van with a dirty mattress in the back, his dead eyes were always looking out for young, disadvantaged fans, so intimidated by his fame he could do anything to them.

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January 13, 2014

When Tories say “we are all in this together,” their ‘we’ does not include them.


As we are living in a time of sacrifice, Osborne might make amends for his stupidity and reverse his policy. He might say, as the Americans do, that wealthy foreigners living in Britain must pay taxes on their foreign earnings, like the rest of us. He might even end the obscene situation in which wealthy Britons can escape taxes by pretending to be foreigners, most notably, the noble Lord Rothermere, proprietor of the patriotic Daily Mail.

More hard choices for Osborne? More sacrifices he will not shrink from demanding? Don’t be a fool. With the exception of a tiny proposal to make foreigners pay capital gains tax on their British homes, he won’t consider passing the burden to those best able to carry it.

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January 9, 2014

Reform the first casualty of Britain’s gormless culture wars

The unions that held these islands together and regulated their dealings with the outside world are straining, maybe to the point of collapse. Crises always provoke good writing and the uncertainty about England’s relationship with Scotland and Britain’s relationship with the European Union has produced two books that are well written, well researched and well worth reading. Unfortunately, both end with calls for action that will appeal only to the converted. Without meaning to, their authors reveal the impossibility of producing a coherent reform programme in a country caught up in the double standards of its gormless culture wars.

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