Ian O’Doherty: Where are the protests from the Irish Left against Syria?

From the Irish Independent
Welcome to Syria, where Assad’s crumbling regime, like so many other doomed regimes throughout history, has decided that it is going to go down swinging, killing as many of its people as possible.

It’s completely senseless and borders on the insanely pointless — a bit like Berliners being executed by the Gestapo for looting a pot or a kettle from a bombed-out house in the last days of the war.

So, where are the protests from the Irish left against this vile, murderous Government?
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2 Comments to “Ian O’Doherty: Where are the protests from the Irish Left against Syria?”

  1. Excellent Guy (and Mark). Agree it is exciting times.One of the thigns that irritates me about demands for a return to the polls by various members of the commentariat is this underlying condecension along the lines of you stupid proles got it wrong now go away and do it again, properly this time.'(As an aside, a project manager I once worked with deliriously remarked when confronted with a difficult issue: There’s an opportunity for a solution here! )

  2. Wow, love those greens! She deniiftely has a regal smile and she is actually very regal looking. Speaking of your book, I will be ordering it from Amazon when it comes out. I may order two, one for my mom and one for me.

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